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Please leave your feedback on this page; I am looking forward to your views, especially if I can make improvements in my web page to make it more ”User Friendly."   I also look forward to receiving details of your own items, particularly if they extend the items included, as well as details of corrections and additions.  I am the first to admit that it is more than possible I have included some mistakes, but I strongly believe that unless you make mistakes you are not going to make anything!   Please be constructive and like me, be always reminded of this quotation by Percy de Worms.

"Believe nothing that you hear,
a quarter of what you read,
and only a half of what you see -
and check and re-check your facts"

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Richard Wooders

Well done Gerald...Hobbies are grown by the spread of information and knowledge... Richard

Robin Gwynn

Hearty congratulations on your initiative, Gerald - great idea!

With the 'Leave a comment", is there something one has to do to send it, or do you just press 'add comment' and leave the screen as I am about to do?

Chris Foote

A great initiative, Gerald. A digital forum for feedback on digital uploads of postal history items will be widely welcomed, I believe. The potential is endless.


Chris Foote

Geoff Rickards

Fabulous, Gerald; this is the sort of stuff that makes stamp collecting and philately so very worthwhile. Love the Percy de Worms quote.

Brian Vincent

This is excellent Gerald. I am sure the site will receive lots of visits. With my congratulations.

Chris Grimshaw

Well done Gerald, An excellent site, I really enjoyed your Crimean War display, Chris

Al Bump

An excellent website with fascinating articles. Thanks for taking the time to create it.

Philip Commins

I came across this site recently and immediately bookmarked it. A wealth of fascinating information and an easy to use site, well done.

Your medal winning exhibition of Province of Auckland date stamps is amazing, wonderful to see. I have three clearly readable examples and one part cancel on stamps with dates that may not have been recorded. Dates as follows:

Number 3 - 27 October 64

Number 5 - 31 October 64

Number 5 - 22 February 65

Happy to supply a scan if they are of interest.

Look forward to reading through the rest of the posts and will be watching for further updates.

Great site.


Lindsay Carswell

Hi Gerald

I am a collector of Banks Peninsula postmarks and it was of interest to read your article “Manuscript Letters “GB” Governor’s Bay”.

I notice that the information on the Governor’s Bay post office;

The Governor’s Bay Post Office first opened as School House, Head of the Bay, Port Lyttelton, 1.7.1864, name changed to Head of the Bay, Lyttelton, in December 1864, and to Governor’s Bay in December 1865. The name changed to Teddington 1 August 1884. The Post Office at Ohinetahi changed 1 September 1884 to Governor’s Bay, later on 13 May 1949, the apostrophe was omitted.

Yet Vol 3 of the RPSNZ handbook lists the opening and closing dates for the two post offices as follows:

Teddington Governor’s Bay

School House, Head 1.7.1864 Ohinitahi 1.10.1867

of the Bay, Port Lyttelton

To Governor’s Bay 1.7.1868 To Ohinetahi 1.1.1874

To Teddington 1.8.1884 To Governor’s Bay 1.9.1884

I am unaware that the …, name changed to Head of the Bay, Lyttelton, in December 1864, and to Governor’s Bay in December 1865.

Are you able to provide me with information on these changes (1) the name change to Headof the bay, Lyttelton, and (2) the name change to GB in Dec 1865 (and not 1868)?

I have an envelope dated 1880 (June 23) to Timaru district with two 1d FSF, both stamps cancelled with the Governor’s Bay manuscript cancellation ‘GB’ and the date. Each stamp has the Lyttelton first type A-class datestamp, dated same day ‘23 JU 80’ and backstamped with another impression of the Lyttelton datestamp and A-classes of Christchurch and Timaru.

I can send you a scan of the item if you provide me with your email address.

Kind regards

Lindsay Carswell

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