Current projects that I am engaged in include the following; it is very often difficult to obtain information, any help will be much appreciated.

1 - The Genesis of the New Zealand Chalon classic issue, 1855 – 1874
I am particularly interested in the original Perkins Bacon Flat Dies & the Circular Transfer Rollers. 
Currently apart from the 1/- Circular Transfer Roller Number 1305, and the 2d Value, are all in the NZ Post Archive, at Te Papa National Museum.  Naturally I would like to know their whereabouts of the two missing Transfer Rollers, and if they do still exist.

2 - Chalon 2d value Plate II
It has been suggested that the Plate II, 2d adhesive was used in July 1865, I cannot agree, and I am sure that the earliest possible use was in December 1865.
Details of the use of the 2d Plate II on cover during that period (July – December 1865) would settle the contention. Naturally I look forward to any surviving covers.

3 - Fanning Island
I am working on an Exhibit on this Island situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, especially as the first Post Office was opened under the auspices of the New Zealand Post and Telegraph Department in 1901.  I look forward to any help that anyone can send me, in fact anything whatsoever, as my Exhibit will be entered in the “OPEN CLASS” where non-philatelic items are an essential element.


There is one major collection of Postcards, which I am researching for future publication.

Mable Lucie Attwell Postcards printed by Valentine & Sons Ltd. of Dundee.

I am very interested in receiving any details whatsoever relating to Mable Lucie Attwell and the Printers Valentine & Sons.

Whilst the “Primrose Collection” belongs to my wife Val Ellott, she would personally be interested in corresponding with any collector, who shares her enjoyment of these fascinating Postcards.





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