As my research is ongoing and very often difficult to obtain information, I will list the current projects that I am working on, together with other future projects that are in the “Pipeline”.


1 - The Royal Navy in New Zealand

In particular details of any covers from seamen or officers serving prior to WWI. Likewise any details of personnel serving in NZ would be great. Details of HMS Esk and Iris, now completed.

2 - The Maori Wars albeit “The Land Wars” any information prior to 1874

3 - Post Offices in Waiheke Island

Currently preparing a publication of details of all the Post Offices, including locations and Postal Staff 1876 - 2016

4 - The Postal History of POST OFFICE OTAGO  1848 – 1862

Publication written in 2014, awaiting publication, includes in particular details of the Bisects. Now completed.

5 - The Genesis of the New Zealand Chalon classic issue, 1855 – 1874

In particular the Perkins Bacon Flat & Circular Dies, and the whereabouts of the Circular Transfer Roller Die Numbered 1305 which is not in the NZ Post Archive.

6 – Chalon 2d value Plate II

Whilst it had been established that the earliest possible use was in December 1865, it has now (2014) been suggested that the earliest date should be brought forward six months to July 1865.  As I am of the strong opinion that this is an impossibility, details of the use of the 2d Plate II on cover during that period (July – December 1865) would settle the contention.



There are two collections, which are under study, and both are to be researched for future books.

(a) Mable Lucie Attwell Postcards printed by Valentine & Sons Ltd. of Dundee.

Whilst the “Primrose Collection” of Attwell Postcards belong to my wife, she would be interested in corresponding with any other collector of these Postcards

(b) Bonzo Postcards, used by A. S. Paterson, NZ for advertising the sale of their “Big Tree” motor spirits.

The particular series of interest are the 72 cards (not all used for advertising) printed under the title “R. P. S. Series Post Cards….Copyright” I believe these cards were issued during 1920 -1924.

Valentine & Sons issued the Valentine’s "Bonzo" (Registered) Series.  Copyright Picture in 1925

Whilst A. S. Paterson did not use all the 72 postcards, any details of Bonzo postcards would be of interest.

All for now

Any comments or suggestions etc. welcome.


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